Effective Chipping by Motivo Golf

Chipping is one of the most important aspects of your game and also one of the most powerful ways you can really improve your scoring. Following certain principles can help you minimize the chances of shanking the ball near to the hole and making bogeys around the green. Visualization should be practiced before every golf shot. You certainly want to plan the shot ahead and focus on where the ball will land, how far it will run and if there are any breaks around the green. 

Playing good chip shots require you to play the ball slightly back in the stance and placing your hands slightly ahead of the clubhead, allowing you to transfer your weight to the front foot so you can create a correct angle when descending the club. The more you practice your chipping, the better you're going to get and the more strokes you will begin to save around the green.

As mentioned, the setup is fundamental for hitting good, consistent chip shots. So remember, place the ball in the center or slightly back in the stance, place your weight slightly forward, lean toward the target and keep the handle of the club forward to the clubhead during impact. 

You might also want to consider a flop shot. Flop shots are high, short shots that you can use to land on the green when there is a bunker ahead of your ball. For these shots, a lob wedge or a sand wedge will be perfect to land the ball in the green. Open your stance, play the ball forward, make a slow swing and finish facing the target while keeping your weight in your front foot. 

Be sure to put these tips into play the next time you hit the links and see how your short game and scoring improves.