The Bunker Shot by Motivo Golf

What makes bunker shots difficult?

Although golfers of all abilities find bunker shots challenging, amateur players find this shot much more difficult. The truth is, good bunker shots require knowledge, practice and feel. Getting comfortable with bunker shots is by far one of the best ways you can drastically improve your scoring. 


What clubs should I use when hitting bunker shots?

Bunker shots are played with a variety of clubs depending on the lie and distance to the hole. Amateur players should use higher lofted clubs when hitting these shots until they feel comfortable making good contact in the sand. Advanced players may feel comfortable hitting these shots with low to mid irons in some situations.

How should I set up when hitting bunker shots?

When hitting bunker shots, the size of the swing should equal the distance of the shot you are trying to perform. Your stance should be slightly open, your weight centered and your swing should descend fast enough to make the ball rise quickly. A full follow-through as well as making sure your right hand doesn’t cross over the left hand should produce a nice shot.