The Flop Shot by Motivo Golf

What is a flop shot and when should I play this shot?

The flop shot is a short distance shot that is very useful when trying to fly the ball over bunkers and hazards. These shots are also useful when you want to land the ball in an elevated green. A good flop shot often needs a good lie in order for the ball to elevate properly.


What clubs should I use for flop shots?

When hitting a flop shot, you might want to use a high lofted club such as the sand wedge (56 degrees) or the lob wedge (60 degrees). These clubs will make the ball fly higher than lower lofted clubs. 

How should I set up when hitting flop shots?

To hit a good flop shot, open your stance, place the ball forward and make a full,  slow swing while your arms keep moving. Finish facing the target with your weight on the forward foot. Opening your club head and stance will make the ball fly higher and roll less on the green.