Fairway One Golf Driving Mat


Meet Fairway One, our hottest golf driving mat. It’s perfect size and unparalleled fairway grass feel makes it an excellent choice for homes, golf training facilities and driving ranges. 


Technical Specifications: 

Available in 3 x 4, 4 x 5 Feet and 5 x 5 Feet (select size)

Width: 36in. | 48 in. | 60 in.

Height: 2 in.

Length: 48 in. | 60 in. 

Weight: 15 lbs. | 20 lbs. | 25lbs.

Grass: Fairway

Shockpad: 5/8 in.

Comes with three (3) indoor foam practice balls.

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        Any spare time you have for playing golf is going to be taken up on the golf course.  Many beginner and amateur golfers have little time to play a round of golf due to other commitments, never mind find time to practice.

        For many golfers, practice means traveling to the driving range and if you are going to take the time to do that, you may as well play a few holes instead, even if you only have time to play 9 holes.  However, thanks to the Fairway One golf driving mat, there is no need to attend the driving range again.

        Imagine being able to simulate the fairway and tee box, any time, anywhere. Wouldn’t it be great?  Well that’s exactly why we have designed the Fairway One golf driving mat.

        Here at Motivo Golf, we believe you should be able to practice your golf whenever you wish and while the driving range has its advantages, its not always the best place to practice your golf.  This is especially true if you are trying to work on your technique with the irons.

        Driving range mats tend to be worn and have very short grass, with some bordering on being bald and this does not reflect the fairways you are playing from on the golf course. The Fairway One golf driving mat is designed with grass that is a little denser than what you will find at the driving range and this simulates a real fairway, which is less forgiving.

        Our aim at Motivo Golf is to make the transition between practice and playing a round of golf very easy and we believe the Fairway One golf driving mat meets our goal.  

        The 5/8-inch shockpad means you can use your irons and never have to worry about receiving a nasty shot up your arm if you are playing a wedge shot or happen to mishit the ball slightly.  The Fairway One golf mat is very forgiving on the club and you can relax and enjoy your practice without the worry of getting injured if you mistime a shot.

        This golf mat is designed for realistic practice and we all know during practice is when you try new things and sometimes they can go wrong.  The shockpad is there to protect you and give you the freedom of practicing with your irons.

        The Fairway One golf mat is easy to transport and this makes it a great training aid to take with you to work or on holiday.  

        The three soft balls which come with the mat allow you to practice indoors and while this does not give you the feel of hitting real golf balls, it does provide you with the opportunity to practice your technique.  

        Complete with two tee holes for right handed and left handed driving, the Fairway One golf driving mat is the perfect addition to your golf practice equipment.

        • REALISTIC FEEDBACK: Designed to develop consistency and confidence in your golf swing, Motivo Golf mats are a perfect fit for golfers looking to find the best performance and feel. Our innovative SmartDivot technology ensures accurate fairway and rough feedback on impact, providing valuable swing data that will help improve your skills and scores.
        • FAIRWAY/ROUGH GRASS: Discover the powerful benefit of practicing any part of your game from the fairway and rough. Our premium fairway and rough grass provides great energy transfer and extra-shock absorption that prevents clubs from bouncing during impact.
        • BUILT-IN SHOCKPAD: Our flexible and comfortable shockpads have a combination of air and elasticity, designed to decrease slide and increase stability while protecting your joints. They also have a thermal coefficient that prevents weather induced deterioration and increases durability.
        • PRACTICE INDOORS/OUTDOORS: Motivo Golf hitting mats are highly durable and conveniently portable. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, you can increase your weekly training sessions by practicing everyday and anywhere.
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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 17 reviews Write a review

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