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At Motivo Golf, we design and manufacture the world’s best golf training mats. Our mats are trusted by top golfing programs, teaching facilities, driving ranges, private clubs and advanced in-home golfers all over the world. Capable of delivering accurate, fairway-like feedback on every shot, Motivo mats offer the quality you need to perfect your strike. Our mats are made with high-quality materials and advanced engineering to create a training aid that offers turf-like feedback, so golfers can practice more effectively at home.

Our passion for creating high-quality mats began with our love for the game of golf. We are avid golfers that take pride in our game and constantly work hard to lower our scores. After spending countless hours and thousands of swings on conventional mats, we came to a realization - most golf training mats just don’t feel anything like real turf. We set out a goal to change this by creating a training mat that would help both amateur and professional golfers take their games to the next level. 

We’ve heard it before, “practicing on mats will do your game more harm than good.” This is because most mats have an unrealistic feel and offer no feedback on poor strikes. While practicing on real turf may be ideal, many golfers don’t have this type of luxury where they practice, which means a mat is their only option - but not all golf training mats are created equal. Many tour players and professional use mats at home for practice, but not just any mat, a mat like Motivo that offers turf-like feedback on every strike.

Each of our training mats is designed with quality and performance in mind. Utilizing the latest in golfing technology, we’ve designed a series of training mats that look, feel and perform like the real thing. This allows our golfers to receive the accurate feedback they need to improve their striking and start shaving strokes off of their score. 

Our experienced, passionate team is constantly working to innovate and create products that effectively improve your swing and lower your scores. All of our training mats work great for both indoor and outdoor practice, so you can work on your swing anytime, anywhere. 

Redefine the way you practice with our innovative golf mat technology.

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