StrikeDown Dual-Turf Pro Golf Mat

The StrikeDown Dual-Turf Pro golf hitting mat takes your short game and iron play to whole new heights. Designed for wedges, irons, hybrids and woods, this golf mat is perfect for practicing the most fundamental aspects of your game.


Technical Specifications: 

Available in 2 x 3, 3 x 4 and 4 x 5 Feet and 5 x 5 Feet (select size)

Width: 24in. | 36in. | 48 in. | 60in.

Height: 2.5 in.

Length: 36in. | 48in. | 60in. 

Weight: 10lbs. | 15 lbs. | 20 lbs. | 25 lbs.

Grass: Fairway and Rough

Shockpad: 5/8 in.

Comes with three (3) indoor foam practice balls.

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