Motivo Golf mats provide a 5 star golf practice mat for a fraction of the price. I use one everyday on the lesson tee and my players love the feedback and the realistic feel of the different cuts of rough. If you’re using an inferior mat, upgrade now!

Matt Walter (PGA Teaching Professional)

Motivo golf mats are by far the best and most realistic golf mats I have used. As a professional golfer it is great to have fairway and rough lengths on one mat that is easily portable. Great feel and absorption in the mats. Would highly recommend for any level golfer.

Andrew Wilkinson (Professional Golfer)

Motivo Golf has a terrific product line that allows golfers to practice just about anywhere. Their mats are light weight and extremely durable. If you are a golf junkie like me, you need to get one ASAP!

Chris Ardolina (PGA Teaching Professional)

I’ve used numerous mats over the years at my home and had given up finding one that could perform like real turf and not hurt my wrists. The Motivo mats have show me that it is possible to have a realistic golf experience at my house. Fantastic, durable and realistic mats! I use it every day.

MrShortGame (YouTube Channel)

Motivo Golf mats are legit!  What I like most about them is that they're  SUPER light, which isn’t usually the case with ordinary mats since they normally hold water or are crazy heavy and bulky to begin with.  And the grass has real feel too!

Colin McCarthy (PGA Teaching Professional)

I love my dual turf golf mat! I really enjoy practicing my chipping out of the rough!

Anthony Taranto (Callaway ProTour Club Builder)