Fairway One Tour Golf Mat (4 x 5 Feet)

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Technical Specifications: 

Width: 48 in.

Height: 2 in.

Length: 60 in.

Weight: 18 lbs.

Grass: Fairway

Shockpad: 5/8 in.


About this collection:

Breakthroughs in golf mat engineering give you the ability to practice your swing at home or at the driving range on a durable training mat that feels exactly like the fairway on your favorite golf course. You will be able to easily get the repetitions you need to hit the ball far, high, and long – without losing any of your feel for real fairway conditions. Perfect for any club.

Feels Like Real Turf – Each Motivo mat has been engineered with the perfect combination of air and elasticity to give it the most turf-like feel available. Extraordinary shock absorption prevents clubs from bouncing on impact, giving you a practice surface that replicates real course conditions. Perfect for use with any club. 

Practice Anytime, Anywhere – Easily pack up your Motivo mat and bring it with you to the driving range, or keep it at home to save time and money while still giving yourself the highest quality practice time.

Durable And Long-Lasting – The thermal coefficient of the Motivo Golf training mat prevents weather damage and increases durability – meaning that you will be able to use your Motivo for many years to come.

Built-In Shockpads – 5/8 inch shockpads decrease sliding and provide increased stability, as well as protect your joints while practicing.


Fairway One Tour Golf Mat (4 x 5 Feet)
Fairway One Tour Golf Mat (4 x 5 Feet)
Fairway One Tour Golf Mat (4 x 5 Feet)
Fairway One Tour Golf Mat (4 x 5 Feet)
Fairway One Tour Golf Mat (4 x 5 Feet)

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