TeeLine Tour Golf Mat (4 x 5 Feet)

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Technical Specifications: 

Width: 48 in.

Height: 3.8 in.

Length: 60 in.

Weight: 30 lbs.

Grass: TeeLine

Shockpad: 3/8 in.


About this collection:

Nothing is more critical to your success as a golfer than your ability to hit tee shots far, straight, and long. But if you’re like most golfers, there is no way to practice off the course. With the Teeline mat from Motivo, you get to bring the fairway with you for convenient practice wherever you go.


Our teeline mats provide the same great fairway feel that Motivo is famous for – while giving you the chance to insert tees for the most realistic driving practice you can get on-the-go. Perfect for practicing tee shots at home, or for use at the driving range – simply tee up anytime, anywhere!


Whether you are considering upgrading the equipment at your commercial driving range, or you have a range in your back yard and you’d like to protect your grass without losing the feel of a real golf course, then Motivo range mats are exactly the right solution.


Motivo mats feel exactly like real turf, they are durable, weather resistant, and easy for you to clean and store. Your skills will transfer directly to the real golf course after practicing on your Motivo mat because it provides the most lifelike feeling of any mat available. Experience virtually zero club bounce, slide, or joint strain thanks to the advanced engineering of the Motivo shockpad.

TeeLine Tour Golf Mat (4 x 5 Feet)
TeeLine Tour Golf Mat (4 x 5 Feet)
TeeLine Tour Golf Mat (4 x 5 Feet)
TeeLine Tour Golf Mat (4 x 5 Feet)
TeeLine Tour Golf Mat (4 x 5 Feet)

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